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For the past 2 years it has been sitting in the driveway. I started it maybe around 6 times just to move it. I recently got insurance so I started driving it.

Initially it wouldn't start because the battery was dead, so I jumped it. I filled it up with gas (only put ten dollars in). The next day it was turning off on stop signs instead of idling. It was out of gas when that started, so I filled it up completely, and the problem went away.

The next day I left the lights on for 4 hours, so I had to jump it again. I drove it a good 45 minutes on the highway before work. Initially it turned off at a stoplight again instead of idling. But after I hit the road it worked great. The 45 minutes made it feel great.

That night after work, It refused to start. I tried jumping it with two different cars and it didn't work. It turns over fine. But won't start. Next day we strap towed it home.

So currently the car won't start. It turns over just fine. I tested one sparkplug wire and it was getting spark. When I turn the key I don't hear the fuel pump. I checked by putting my ear to the gas tank while someone turned it on. I figure it might be that, but I'm not sure that would cause it to turn off on idle. Any help would be extremely greatly appreciated. Doing it myself and with the help of you guys is my only option for price reasons.
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