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1993 Sundance Transmission Problem

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I have the 1993 Sundance 2.2L with 3-speed automatic transmission that is starting to give me problems. I bought the car 4 years ago with 26K miles on it. It has been a great car, but I have had some issues lately (luckily I can work on my own vehicles). I about 6 months ago with about 70K on the car, I started losing power and determined by loss of coolant it was the head gasket. I removed the head and this proved to be correct. I had the head machined and replace the head gasket. Foolishly I did not replace the timing belt. About 4 weeks ago the timing belt lost about 4 inches worth of teeth on me and left me calling AAA. I replaced the timing belt, and drove for about a week, then one morning when I started it up, the oil light came on and would not go off. I drove one of my other vehicles to work (you always have other vehicles when your newest is a 1997 Astro van and you work on your own vehicles). When I got home after work, I removed the sensor and started the engine. No oil came out the sensor hole. I dropped the oil pan (great fun) and replaced the oil pump. When I started the engine oil literally gushed out of the hole and the valve train was noticeably quieter. However, since then the transmission seemed balky at shifting to 3rd gear. I replaced the transmission fluid and filter, and it seemed to help for a couple of days and today it did not seem to shift to 3rd at all. Unless the motor blows up I cannot think of anything else I would need to do to it, and don't know if there is anything that is DIY on this transmission issue. I would put another transmission in it if that is required, but wonder if there is any other opinions on this or what the problem could be?