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1994 1500 Laramie Dash Pad

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The dash pad on my dad's '98 1500 Laramie has began to crack. :( The other day he mentioned picking up a simple cover for it just to keep it from cracking any more. I suggested that for a few dollars more he may find a new pad for it. Boy was I wrong! Any suggestions on where one might find the best price on an OEM pad. Also, I have found a couple places on the www that carry an aftermarket solution but would like to here of others experiences with fit and finish before we go that route. Thanks!

I realized my mistake this morning! The truck is a '98. Oops!
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Where was that purchased from?
A Hollander's Interchange Manual may give the spread of years that the pad fit. BR-body was from '94-'02. If they are all the same and offered in Quartz (grey) or Camel (tan), the newer would probably be in better shape.
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