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Back again for more punishment! lol

Kidding, now then.

Aside from dealing with a few electrical bugaboos that I've isolated to a bad battery, when I got my convertible started up I immediately noticed a 'grinding/rattling' sound.

You can hear it clearly immediately after I rev the engine at :21 and :24. I'm usually really good at pinpointing these noises with my ear, but all I know is it's coming from the serpentine belt/passenger's side of the engine block.

Don't ask me what the rhythmic ticking noise is, I'm kind of scared to find out about that one....just want to point out the ticking is NOT the noise I'm referring to in this video.

In this second video, the rattling/grinding sound gets really loud from 34 to 48 seconds in.

Any ideas? I can't tell if it's coming from a pulley or something else. Just that it's coming from somewhere on the serpentine belt side of the motor.


Unrelated note: Yes, I see the steam coming from the radiator. Just started today, I'm just going to replace it.
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