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1994 Plymouth Acclaim 3.0 Power Steering Pump

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Hi all,

When I was in Dallas, TX two weeks ago, my Acclaim decided to eject the power steering pulley from the pump, shattering all over the highway. I got the car towed to an O'Reilly's, found a smaller belt to charge the alternator and drove the 700 miles back home without power steering. I took the pump off and pressed on a new pulley but I am having difficulty getting the pump to fit back inside the engine bay. The manual says to remove the exhaust to get enough clearance to put the pump in, but while trying to remove the exhaust, I could tell that I was going to snap the bolts holding the exhaust onto the manifold. Is there another way to get the pump in with the pulley on the pump? It looks like I might be able to swing the passenger driveaxle enough to get the pump in there but I was wondering if anyone had ran across the same problem and found an alternate solution to removing the exhaust. Thanks,

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4 cylinber or 6 cylinder ?
If you jack the car up and let the front wheel hang would there be enough room to get the pump in ?
Its a v6. I took the tire off and also the harmonic balancer. No room to shove it in. I'm going to take the halfshaft out of the steering knuckle and hopefully get enough clearance that way.
Taking out the outer part of the cv shaft allows enough clearance to install the power steering pump with the pulley installed instead of taking off the exhaust pipe to manifold. Car is all fixed and back on the road.
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