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1995 Dodge Intrepid washer fluid level sensor

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Hello all, I have a 1995 Dodge Intrepid and the windshield washer fluid level sensor keeps coming on even though the fluid resevoir is full. I know I probably need a new sensor which I found online for $7.78, but I just want to know is this easy to do? Or is it involved to change the sensor?
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Can anyone help with this?
If the sensor is anything like the one in my Dakota, it is a simple removal and replacement, nothing complicated about it at all.
The BCM controls the low washer lamp, so unplugging the low washer switch on the reservior should turn out the warning light.
The switch is located towards the bottom of the reservior, so you may have to empty out the reservior and remove the battery, battery tray and reservior. Empty the washer fluid into a clean container before servicing it. If the fluid is comtaminated in any way or has any debris in it dispose of the fluid, wash the inside of the reservior out and use fresh washer fluid.
Many times the low-fluid (encapsulated reed) switch gets coated with 'slime' and sticks. Sometimes they can be cleaned, but it may also need replacement.
Down and dirty repair. Pry off the cover of the message center and natch off the remove the bulb...
Thanks to all who replied. This was the easiest job to do. I didn't have to remove the battery or washer fluid resevoir. I was able to reach under the car and disconnect the fluid sensor from the bottom of the resevoir and replace with the new one. Super easy for all who might have this problem in the future with a 1995 Dodge Intrepid.
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