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hey there... have always received good info regarding my car and truck (Ram D-100 Custom). My car, a '96 Cirrus Lx ?v6.... Is having some tranny issues... it HAS been taken in for the recall on shifter.... now ...on most mornings the shifter is having a difficult time moving out of PARK... I just keep pushing the button until it goes...sometimes 5...sometimes 15 times.!! Have cleaned the fuse, in the panel, but could probably do that better or replace... IDEAS..???
Inside the mechanism below shifter ( you can hear a click when it engages and lets you move it)...?? The solenoid underneath on the trans...??.. Is a 6G73 Mitsu engine... coupled to a 41TE 4 speed auto.... and it's been a great car, repairs costly though due to front wheel drive design.. ie fuel pump, distributor, pain to change the plugs... Thanks for all your help.....
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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