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1996 Concorde 3.5L Sudden Fuel Leak

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184k miles. No prior indication of problem. Driver smelled fuel, drove car home 8 miles with fuel leaking. Lost approx 14 gallons. Leak stopped after being parked 10 minutes. Drip appeared to be at front passenger side of engine compartment. Nothing noticeable when hood raised.

Most likely cause? Difficulty/cost to repair? Any assistance appreciated.

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That's a huge leak that should be easy to spot. Most likely a fuel hose. It should be replaced only with a hose marked "SAE 30R9" or "SAE 100R6". Hose with a rating of 30R6 or 30R7 is not rated high enough for the pressure of the supply side. Hose is about $3 a foot and if you are handy you could do the labor yourself, using new fuel injection band clamps. Hard to guess what a pro would charge, maybe $100 parts and labor.
There was a recall #790 for leaking fuel rail/injector/fuel pressure regulator o-rings and either replacement or reinforcement of the right side plastic fuel rail. The plastic could crack. I have revisited repairs that were done previously.
Call your dealer with the last 8 of the VIN and the current mileage to see if you are eligible. Don't drive the car. Have it towed.
The results were:

Repair fuel line on back side of engine at fuel rail
Check coolant leak (at my request)
Pressure test cooling system and tighten
all hose clamps (no leak found) $85.00 labor

L-O-F Napa Silver filter 5 qts Napa 5W30 $24.95

Towing charge (2.5 miles) $50.00

Tax $11.20

Total $171.15

I was told that the fuel line became partially disconnected.
After being resecured, they could not make it leak.
Will keep an eye on it but told not necessary to replace
fuel line at this time. Had car towed in 8/5, finished 8/6.

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Glad to hear you got it fixed before it caught on fire!
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