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I replaced the rear bumper and pass. tail light assy. After that the truck would turn over but not start. I

removed a pigtail assy. that was welded to the old bumper. I thought perhaps a ground wire may be the

problem and reconnected the pigtail ground wire to the frame but this did not solve the problem. I put 2

more gallons of gas in the tank, I swapped the Auto Shutdown Relay with one of the other ones in the

Power Distribution Box (those relays are all the same), I checked the notorious "splice" 3 into 1 wire

potential. I have spark at No. 1 plug wire, put gas in the throttle body and the truck fired up and ran and

then died again,

Is this just a coincidental fuel pump going bad at the same time I replaced the bumper. Is there an

automatic fuel shutoff switch that engages when the bumper gets moved in case of collision?

Any ideas????????????????????????????/

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There is no fuel pump inertia switch on Chrysler products. Sounds like it's coincidental. And it sounds like a fuel delivery problem.

Check all fuses. Perhaps you blew one for the fuel pump. When you turn the key to ON (not START), does the fuel pump run for 1-2 seconds, or is it silent?

Welcome to Allpar. We'll talk you through it until it runs again.
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