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1996 T&C - Stalls immediately after starting

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Recently purchased used 1996 T&C LXi 3.8L van with 250k+ miles....have been very happy/lucky after having used it to drive 2,800 miles cross country to move; with one major exception:

1a) Stalls soon after error codes readable as dash is digital (analog guages for tach, etc. are appear dead). The couple past incidences have been solved by just letting it set for an hour or two and then everything works fine....just missed a job interview this morning and doesn't seem to be 'self correcting' today.

1b) Another behavior, while driving, might be related and help to troubleshoot. A couple times while driving, around town and on highway, the guages and odometer has gone dead while the vehicle kept driving fine. This condition also reset itself both times within