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1996 Town & Country Lxi - Remote seat and Mirror reset

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Does anyone know how to disable the system that resets the driver's seat and outside mirrors as programmed for driver #1 (remote #1) and driver #2 (remote # 2)? Mine has gone wild and resets the mirrows to crazy positions whenever I unlock the car with the remote. I'm the only driver, so I have no need for multiple remembered settings, but I'd like the system to quite moving my mirrows.
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Get both remotes and reprogram them (you have to do both). If you just reprogram the remotes but do not then set the memory feature for them there should be no adjusting the seats or mirrors when unlocking. Or you could try programming the seat/mirror memory again to the position you desire. At least this was the way my 99 Town & Country worked. Both procedures were in the owners manual.
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