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1997 Plymouth Voyager 3.0

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A short Background. '97 Voyager 3.0 Had a rodent problem (Chewed the Crank sensor wire in two) Took it to a local shop, they fixed that while it was there I had them check out a rough Idle/bad mileage/Check engine light. They ran codes/scan, did a compression check. The diagnosis was a bad/burnt valve, the computer was trying to compensate. would not get better without a valve job. Afterwards it has started to die at idle, run extremely rough, slight backfire, surges while driving (worse with Cruise activated) worse with A/C on. Now after another Rodent episode I spent 6 hours repairing wiring, and another Crank sensor, started it up ran better, drove to the corner store on the way back it started the rough running again, died at the driveway. let it sit for a hour, tried to start it, Dies will not idle, dies when I put it in gear, push on the throttle, runs EXTREMELY rough, Backfires, cough, sputters, ect. seemes worse when at normal operating temp. Any Ideas Folks?
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What error codes show up? It could be as simple as the crank position sensor going bad, but until you get an error code that points to that, it is hard to say.

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Remove the nests and place moth balls on top of the differential housing. This should keep them away from the crank sensor. I have found nests inside the air cleaner as well.
How did they arrive at the valve diagnosis? Is there a single cylinder misfire code? Did they perform a compression test?
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