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Selling a complete 1998 Chrysler Concorde with a completed 3.5HO swap (originally 2.7). Mileage on engine is 68K which was installed Sept of 2019. Total mileage on vehicle (body + trans) is 212,919.

Engine was swapped due to a oil pump failure of the previous 3.5, which was installed way back in 2008.

Transmission is a non-traction control enabled model without autostick.

Brake system is Non-ABS and has the 15" brake system on it but has 16" steel wheels

Some highlights:
The body for the most part is rust free, with the exception of over the rear wheel wells as you can see in the pictures.
The transmission shifts very well, the maintenance was kept up on it, and the fluid and filter was changed when the engine was changed out. It doesn't make much of that ratcheting solenoid noise that these tend to do.
The interior was changed out due to the bench seat breaking on the original, I picked up a set of seats (front and rear split folding) from a 2001 300m special as well as the door panels.
Gauge cluster was changed to a 2000 concorde unit because i thought it looked better, the side effect is the ABS + Brake light is on. I never figured out the DRB III emulator enough to get rid of that.
The struts and rear shocks were replaced a couple of years ago, nothing special on them, just a factory replacement.
The Alternator was replaced about 6 months ago
The Radiator was replaced when the engine was replaced due to a broken drain
Exhaust hangers were replaced after the engine swap due to a leak around the hanger weld point

Some of the bad stuff.
Suspension wise, its somewhat of a mess. The rear axle carrier support bolts had broken, they were replaced but the braces on the body side where it threads in broke as well, as result i had to cut a hole in the trunk floor to put a new lock washer and nut on each side. It works, but it needs to be tightened more i think as it feels a little sloppy. could be something else, i don't know, its been a while since ive looked at it.

The front suspension has a clunk in it, i actually think its a body bushing or something, i have not really looked into it. It makes some noise, and is unpleasant, but doesn't give the feeling of instability when driving.

There is something funky with the electrical on the + side of the system. I believe its with the connection from the battery down to the starter, it seems to take a whole bunch of effort sometimes to crank. There also is a little of a drain somewhere. I recently took the stereo out of it, too soon to tell if that was it or not.

The trunk seal leaked on and off for a while. the former owner from years back drilled holes in the trunk floor (2 of them) to keep the water from adding up, I replaced the trunk seal a few years ago. Seems to have fixed it for the most part.

Both rear door seals have been re-glued on, im sure we all know those things are a hassle at best.

The black trim piece at the top of the hood came off after the plastic clips broke, it was glued on a few times, but i gave up and just put it in the trunk.

The clear coat is in bad shape.. real bad. the paint is okay underneath

There is some trim pieces inside that are missing, and the audio amplifier in the car was bypassed many years ago due to suspected failure, if you wanted to mess with it, its just a matter of hooking up the wires.

A/C system was disconnected when the 3.5 was installed, the compressor for it will be included.

That i think covers it all, I will include with the car, (from a 2001 300m) a 3.5 ECU, body control module, SKIM module, and lock cylinder with key and electronics. The plastic trim for the top of the hood, the original cluster, and any other parts i can find in the garage for this.

The car is totally driveable as it is, im sure it will make it wherever you want to take it. You can use it as a parts car for yours, or fix the things it needs and drive it every day.

I would like to get $550 for this, but im reasonable so if theres a fair offer its yours.

Car is located in eastern Connecticut near the UConn campus, if you have interest drop me a message.

Thank you for looking at my long winded post!


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