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1999 Caravan 3.0L @ A604 swap to A670?

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A friends father has this ( early production Jan 99) 99GC 3.0L @ A604 with a worn trans

This Anniversary Edition van is equipped with Anti theft, security, pdl,pw.

Other than overhauling this A604 the van is in very good shape.

Rather than rebuiilding it, what is the feasability of swapping in an A670???
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It can be done if you have a fairly complete donor car, tools and about 3 days. Is it feasible? Maybe. You will need to change many parts over including instrument cluster, possibly throttle body, kickdown and shift cables, steering column, axles, mounts, add wiring for conventional reverse lights and neutral safety switch, PCM, etc. Flush or replace the cooler if debris went into the system.
Verify the health of the A-670 before installing it if you can.
I swapped auto to stick between a couple of Neons a few years ago and had 2 good cars when done.
If they are different years, it could jeopardize an annual state emissions test as applications won't match what is in the PCM.
It may be worth repairing the A-604 that is in it.
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