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1999 Grand Caravan

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So, while I'm trying to figure out how to get multiple plumbing problems fixed in the house and under it, my kids take off in the GC to Walmart. When they get home an hour and a half later, my daughter runs in and tells me, "Dad, there's something wrong with the van. Philip turned the key off, but it sounds like the motor is still running." I immediately thought ignition switch, but since I replaced it about 18 months ago, I don't think that's it. I go outside and hear the cooling fans running. I asked him if he noticed the temp gauge running hot and he said no. So, I get in and start the van, just to check and it's okay. I turn it off and the cooling fans are still running. It's never done this before, so I popped the fuse cover under the hood and remove the 40 amp fuse and they stop. I waited 15 minutes put the fuse back in and they came on again. Hmmmmm, relay must be stuck. So I pulled the relay for the cigarette lighter since I never use it anyway and swap them. Problem solved. I bang the relay out of the cooling fan spot and put it in for the cigarette lighter and checked it. Lighter works, fans are off and van still starts and runs great. I'm happy now, because I have to take my 99 year old mother to a doctos appointment 40 miles away tomorrow after lunch. Too bad the stinking plumbing problems weren't this easy to fix. I'm headed to the hardware store in the morning and see if I can fix one leak myself. It's inside on the hot water line to the shower. I'm pretty sure I can handle that one myself. Wish me luck.