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1999 Model Year Changes

All information in this page is from Chrysler Corporation. Less forceful airbags were used throughout the lineup.

Cloud Cars (Cirrus, Stratus, Breeze)

  • Revised Suspension Tuning To Increase Ride Comfort (except convertible)
  • Reduced Interior Noise, Vibration & Harshness (except convertible)
  • Sentry KeyTM Theft-Deterrent System Available (except convertible)
  • New Exterior Colors: Inferno Red & Light Cypress Green
On Breeze, a 2.4 liter low-emissions (LEV) engine was available. On Cirrus LXi, four wheel disc brakes were made standard and sound insualtion was improved. Stratus gained the optional LEV engine, four wheel discs on Stratus with ABS or the V6, new five-spoke cast-aluminum wheels on ES, new seat and door trim fabric, and new instrument cluster graphics. Sebring Convertible had different options.
LH Series: Intrepid, LHS, Concorde, 300M

For extensive LHS/300M information, click here.

Enhanced NVH Control;
New Exterior Color: Light Cypress Green; New Leather Seat Materials;'
Sentry KeyTM Theft Deterrent System added to alarm where applicable

The speed limiter was removed from 300M when ordered with the Handling Group; automatic headlamps were added; and light pearl beige was added as an interior color. Concorde had an optional TLEV emission group. Intrepid got a trunk cargo net, available TLEV emissions, and, on ES, new chrome door nameplates and seat fabric.

Prowler got a new high output engine, passenger airbag disable switch, and colors - yellow, black, and red.


18-Inch Aluminum Wheels w/Viper Logo Caps and Michelin Pilot Sport Tires
Power Exterior Mirrors
Cognac Connolly_ Leather Interior Group
Cloth Covered Sun Visors
Satin Aluminum-Finish Interior Accents
New-Design Shift Knob
Black Exterior Color w/ & w/o Silver Stripes

Child Safety Seat Available w/Quad Seating
New Exterior Color: Light Cypress Green
2.4 and 3.8 engines meet LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) standards where applicable (short-wheelbase)
Reduced Fuel Vapor Emissions on 3.3-Liter FFV (Flexible Fuel Vehicle) Engine
Front Seat Cargo Net
Rear Floor Pan & Spare Tire Winch Redesigned To Increase Angle of Departure (short-wheelbase)
New RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) Key Fobs

Intermediate & Rear Seat Head Restraints Standard
Mini-Trip Computer Available on Grand Voyager SE w/Rear A/C
SE Appearance Upgrade

New Grand Caravan ES Model w/Added Performance Features and 3.8 engine with AutoStick, HomeLink security transmitter
New Premium Leather Seating Available on LE & ES Models
8-Way Power Passenger Seat Available on ES (Leather Only)
Heated Power Driver & Passenger Seats Available on ES Model
Steering Wheel Radio Controls on ES Model
Power Windows/Vents Available on Base Model
Town & Country

Steering Wheel Radio Controls Available
Child Safety Seat Available w/Leather Upholstery on Limited Model

All vehicles got a new computer for enhanced diagnostic capabilities


Upgraded Sport Exterior Appearance: Body Color Grille, Head Lamp Bezels, Bumpers & License Plate Brow
Heated Driver & Front Passenger Seats Available on Limited
New 4.0-Liter Engine Intake Manifold for Quieter Operation
Locking Head Restraints on Classic & Limited Front Seats
Sentry KeyTM Theft-Deterrent System Option
New RKE (Remote Keyless Entry) Key Fob w/"Panic" Alarm Feature
2.5-Liter Engine Meets TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicle) Requirements in CA, NY, MA & NE Trading Region States
Air Conditioning Compressor Shut-Off for Improved Low-Speed Performance
New Interior Colors: Camel & Agate
New Exterior Colors: Forest Green & Desert Sand
Grand Cherokee

New V-8, new turbodiesel, new automatic transmission, new four wheel drive system, new suspension, steering, and braking systems

Air Conditioning Compressor Redesign
Rotary Air Conditioning Controls w/Bi-Level Mode
2.5-Liter Engine Meets TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicle) Requirements in Relevant Region States
New Exterior Colors: Medium Fern, Forest Green, Intense Blue, Desert Sand
Hard Top & Soft Top Color: Dark Tan
Sahara Seat Trim: Camel/Dark Green
New Interior Colors: Camel & Agate
Fake Mopars (Mitsubishis)

Avenger and Sebring Coupe got new colors (plum and shark blue). Sebring Coupe also got body color mirrors on LXi with body color wheels when ordered in Caffe Latte or white.

Dodge SUVs, Pickups, and Vans

Updated computer added on-board diagnostic capabilities.


Payload Availability Revised
NV1500 5-Speed Manual Transmission Used w/2.5-Liter I-4 Engine
Upgraded 4x4 Steering Gear
New Base Tire
P225/55 R17 Eagle LS Tire for R/T Sport Group
Upgraded Brake System
Vacuum-Fluorescent Odometer/Trip Odometer
Rotary Head Lamp Switch
Improved Remote Keyless Entry System w/New Transmitters & Driver Programmable Features
Driver One-Touch Open Feature for Power Windows
Steering Wheel Radio Controls Available
Redesigned Overhead Console Exterior Ñ Full-Feature & New Base Version
Cab Back Panel Air Exhausters (Regular Cab Only)
Removable Cassette/CD Storage Tray in Optional Floor Console
Dash Silencer Pad To Improve NVH Control
Passenger Air Bag Disable Switch (Running Change 1998)
2.5-Liter Engine Meets TLEV (Transitional Low Emission Vehicle) Requirements in CA, MA, NY & NE Trading
Region States

3.9-Liter V-6 Engine Available
Two-Wheel Drive Available
Upgraded 4x4 Steering Gear
5.2 & 5.9-Liter V-8 LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) Engines Available
Heated 6 x 9-Inch Power Mirrors
Improved Remote Keyless Entry System w/New Transmitters & Driver Programmable Features
60/40 Split-Folding Second Seat for Increased Leg Room In Two-Seat Configuration
Forward-Facing Cargo Floor Storage Module in Two-Seat Configuration
Electrical Power Outlet in Cargo Area
Steering Wheel Radio Controls Optional
Vacuum-Fluorescent Odometer/Trip Odometer
Rotary Head Lamp Switch
Leather Seats Available in Agate
New Exterior Colors: Bright Platinum Silver & Patriot Blue
Ram Pickup

Four-Wheel Anti-Lock Brakes Standard on 3500 Models
Michelin LTX LT245/75 R16 Black Sidewall All-Season Tires Available
Upgraded Sport Appearance Group Ñ Front Bumper & Fascia, Grille, Quad Head Lamps, Fog Lamps & Graphics
Redesigned Overhead Consoles w/ & w/o Trip Computer
Driver's Power Window Switch One-Touch Open Feature w/Optional Power Windows
Rotary Head Lamp Switch
Vacuum-Fluorescent Odometer/Trip Odometer
Steering Wheel Radio Controls Available
New Driver Programmable Remote Keyless Entry Key Fobs
New Exterior Color: Solar Yellow (Sport Only)
New Interior Color: Agate w/Leather Seats
Ram Van & Wagon

Compressed Natural Gas 5.2 & 5.9-Liter V-8 Engines Available (Fleet Only)
Vacuum-Fluorescent Odometer/Trip Odometer
Improved Remote Keyless Entry System w/New Transmitters & Driver Programmable Features
Manual Seat Track Travel Increased 32 Percent
Improved Engine Cover Console Option
5.9-Liter Engine Meets LEV (Low Emission Vehicle) Requirements in CA, MA, NY & NE Trading Region States
General Enhancements

Alternative Fuel Vehicles

CC was the first major automaker to introduce certified low (LEV), ultra-low (ULEV) and zero (ZEV) emission vehicles, The following vehicles are available in 1999:

Minivans with the 3.3-liter, V-6 engine could run on unleaded gasoline or blends with up to 85% ethanol. The flexible fuel vehicles represented over 40 percent of the minivans Chrysler sells.
The zero emission EPIC electric minivan had new nickel-metal hydride batteries this year, which increase the driving range more than 33%.
The Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) Dodge Ram Van and Wagon met Super Ultra LEV (SULEV) standards and have 50 percent lower hydrocarbon, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen emissions than 1997 CNG models.
Engine and Emission Improvements

A combination of base engine, calibration and exhaust aftertreatment refinements made Chrysler's 1999 vehicles sold in eight northeastern states and Washington, D.C. up to 70% cleaner than the previous year.

For 1999, vehicles sold in the northeast states and Washington, D.C. with the 2.0 and 2.4 liter engine have reduced hydrocarbon emissions by 70 percent and oxides of nitrogen (NOx) emissions by 50 percent.
Minivans with the 3.8-liter engine and the Jeep Grand Cherokee have 69 percent lower hydrocarbon and 43 percent lower NOx emissions than 1998 models. The Grand Cherokee met LEV standards and had more towing power, faster initial acceleration and better fuel efficiency than its predecessor.
The vehicles with the 2.5-liter engine, as well as the Jeep Wrangler and Cherokee, had 50 percent lower hydrocarbon emissions.
Vehicles sold in New York and Massachusetts met the same emission levels as vehicles sold in California. Some California package vehicles have 40-69 percent lower hydrocarbon and 43-50 percent lower NOx emissions than the previous year.
Engines for international markets were being designed for improved power and fuel economy and lower noise, vibration and harshness levels while meeting or exceeding new worldwide emission standards. Engines in development for international markets included:

  • Two direct-injected, four-valve turbo-diesels (1.9- and 2.5-liter)

  • 3.1-liter, five-cylinder turbo diesel for the Grand Cherokee

  • 1.8-liter, four-cylinder single overhead cam (SOHC) engine
  • 1.6 and 1.4-liter engines from a joint venture with Rover in Brazil. The 1.6-liter engine would be used first in the next-generation Neon
New lightweight materials led to more efficient vehicles. Some examples include:
Fully recyclable, thermoplastic polyester-based composites, first applied to the Composite Concept Vehicle (CCV), were promising. The technology could reduce cost and manufacturing time as well as cut body weight in half, while still meeting safety regulations.
The Prowler was a rolling test bed of lightweight materials. More than 900 pounds of the 2780-pound roadster is aluminum. Lightweight composites and magnesium also contributed to the Prowler's unique material applications.
On the Chrysler Concorde, extensive use of high-strength steels reduced body shell weight by an estimated 40 pounds (18 kg) compared to mild steel.
Stationary Environmental Improvements

Several Chrysler manufacturing facilities incorporated new technologies and processes to improve environmental performance. For example:

  • A new wastewater treatment facility was under construction at the Toluca, Mexico complex to process wastewater from the assembly, transmission, engine and stamping plants. A three-stage process treated the wastewater to achieve zero discharge

  • By changing the plastic and elastic protective cover for seat systems to an all-plastic, contoured cover, Chrysler diverted 90,000 pounds of plastic from landfills and saved $136,000 a year
  • The Indiana Transmission Plant and Mack Avenue Engine Plant shared many new processes. Some changes included minimized storage of chemicals by using just-in-time inventory management; elimination of storm sewers within the plants to prevent the possibility of chemicals being released into storm sewers; and a "first flush system" that collected the first 15 minutes of surface runoff during rain and discharges the rain runoff to the wastewater treatment plant

  • By the end of 1998, Chrysler facilities would be free of all polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) electrical equipment

  • The paint shops at Newark, Windsor and Warren Truck assembly plants were using a lead-free E-coat. Newark also installed new, more efficient painting equipment that reduced air emissions

Chrysler 1904-2018

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