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1999 stratus prndl does not work

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My stratus has a few problems, prndl,tach,speedo,fuel,temp gauges are not working. Checked both fuses the one under the hood was blown replaced it and still have the same problem..I had a code check and it came up with no CCd message from TCM code P1698.I disconected the battery for 15 min. but still no help.One more thing the trans isnt shifting out of first I think that might be because the speedo isnt registering.A little help would sure be appreciated. Thank you.
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Which fuse? Did it blow again after soon after replacing it? This is important to know which circuit is shorting and the components fed on that circuit.
2nd gear is the transaxle 'limp-in' gear if comm is lost. It will get you home or to a shop.
The cluster self-test is only testing the cluster assembly.
If the transaxle is going into limp-in, the car has more going on than the cluster. Without the comm bus, the cluster is just another symptom of the 'no bu5' or 'no CCD message from the TCM' problem. The PRND3L will all be boxed as the shifter signal is probably missing.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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