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1st Gen. 3.0 / A 670 gas mileage

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Could anybody tell me what gas mileage a Mitsu combined with the A 670 3 spd gets?

I run arround 11 L / 100 KM on my Saratoga, arround 12 - 13 in my Voyager.
I´m looking for a 1st Gen / 3sp for a long time now, would be interesting to know how much fuel a 6G72 is eating while entertaining a FWD Torqueflite.

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I have a '97 with that combination. While I was using it for my commute of 60 miles daily, which was mostly highway I would consistently average 24.5 mpg in the summer, and 20.5 in the winter. In pure long distance highway travel, I have seen 27 mpg. My daughter now uses it to commute 8 miles daily, but she keeps no records. I'll leave it to you to do the metric conversion.
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