Local pickup only

Got a pair of 1st gen Ram doors for sale, small dent on passengers side, paint is coming off, surface rust. Light blue on dark blue. Both have had speaker holes cut into them unfortunately, but they are rust free, all glass included, doors seem to be complete, I don't have keys for the locks. They are setup for factory towing mirrors. These aren't immaculate but they could be made into nice doors very easily, far more easily than patching rust. Should've seen the truck they came off of, it was clean but the title was screwed by a school that it was donated too.

Sorry for the rough pics, I tweaked my shoulder yesterday and it reminded me when I tried to move these doors. My truck isn't on the road right now, so you'll have to pick them up. Local only, I'm up in Garden City in Roanoke VA. I was gonna keep these as spares but I need to come up with money to have a windshield put in my '83 D150. I would also trade for a good winshield, haha! :LOL:

Thanks for looking, feel free to message me about these, I'll try to log on a couple times a day to check.