I have two transmissions. I'm probably never going to use them so I'll let someone else who can use them get hold of them.

The first one is a mid 1970's transmission that came out of a 440 4X4 truck. It is a core ONLY. When I got it, it was full of water so the innards are probably rusted and unusable. It is the case only and no tail shaft.

The second one came out of a 1963 Chrysler Newport. I used the 361 it was attached to and while it was working, it's been sitting for years. Covered but outside. This is a cable shift unit for a push button shifter. It too has been sitting outside under a cover for years. It will probably need a rebuild also.

Both units for one price. The '63 is worth the price. Cash and carry. I'll help load. Evansville is in extreme S.W. Indiana. My house is 3 miles from the Ohio river.

Email [email protected], PM through this site or call 812-four two three-2142. Email preferred as I don't always hear the phone.