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2000 caravan 2.4 coolant leak

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So I have the timing belt replaced and up and running.
Before I did the timing belt I had a small coolant leak that looked to be in the area of the water pump.
I have replaced the water pump and o-ring gasket while replacing the timing belt being very care full to clean the area.
I still have the leak and am not sure to where is is.
I have wrapped a paper towel around the connection of the thermostat and can see the heater hose is not leaking nor is the thermostat or the nipple or the sensor.
My best guess is where the casting for the water connection is gasketed to the side of the cylinder head next to the intake might be where the leak is from.
Or coolant leak from the cylinder heads gasket.
What do you guys think?
Has there been any problems with cylinder head gaskets leaking coolant?
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Can you get in there with a dental/inspection mirror and light? Dried coolant should leave a stain trail upwards to the leak point.
If it is leaking badly enough to stay wet, a cooling system pressure tester should accelerate the leakage enough to make it more obvious as to the source.
Identify the leak source first.
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