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2000 caravan 2.4 timing belt broke

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Ok the timing belt broke on the way home yesterday.
I plan on replacing the timing belt my self.
My question is the 2000 2.4 the new design tensioner or the old design tensioner?
can i just order the kit with timing belt,idler, tensioner and water pump or do i need the kit with the 3 plastic covers?
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I believe it sould be the old style tensioner, it was late 2002 that the new design came about. Not sure what you mean about the three plastic cover kit, unless yours are broken they are reusable. Of course, water pump, idler pulley and belt.
When upgrading to the newer tensioner style, the Mopar service kit includes a new plastic belt cover due to the new tensioner arrangement differences. You may be able to modify your old cover to work with the new style.
Aftermarket tensioners may still be available in the old style arrangement. Mopar no longer carries the old style.
OK, that explains the plastic cover kit. Was wondering why that would be an offering. Thanks.
Ok i have the little minivan back up and running hope it lasts another 200000 miles.
Bought the old type tensioner belt kit from the auto parts store everything fit perfect.
The odd thing i found there is no key or key way in the harmonic balancer.
Replaced the leaking rocker cover gasket while i was covered in motor gunk.
thanks for the help guys.
Agree about that harmonic balancer thing, but they stay in place without a problem. Glad she went together easy enough.
There is no need to index the crankshaft pulley as there are no timing marks to align. It is pressed on in any position.
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