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2000 caravan no power to the pcm/ecu

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2000 dodge caravan 2.4 L 210 000 miles
Had the van parked for 3 weeks now it wont start.
no power to the fuel pump, coil, starter.
I can jumper the starter solinoid and turn the engine over but theres no spark and i can not hear the fuel pump start.
My neibor stopped in with a code reader and says the pcm ecu has no power, the code reader would not read or connect with the computer.
I have checked the grounds to the engine and chassie.
I have checked all the fuses under the hood and the front fuse box near the battery.
I have also swapped out the relays for the ing and the auto shutdown.
What shall i check next?
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Another place to look is a ground wire beneath the battery tray, if chrysler did not change anything. That was the problem with our 05. Even though you say you checked your grounds, you should be pulling them apart, cleaning and reassemble with anti seize. Just because they look good does not mean, they are fine. It cost us over 500.00 for a garage to find this problem. The part that I don't understand was the bill had a 40.00 electrical kit put on. WTF. Any way check it out, to make sure that there is not another ground that may have been missed. The garage had to go through the front tire well to get to it.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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