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2000 DGC 3.3 motor mount bolt.

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Hey guys, I tried searching the forums for this to no avail. I am installing new motor mounts on my 2000 3.3 van and the motor mount on the upper passenger side has a 5 sided or pentagon shaped bolt attaching the mount to the engine. I have looked for a 5 sided box wrench to no avail (it needs to be a box wrench due to chassis interference) I was wondering if someone knows if this is a special Chrysler tool, or do if someone could find that tool for me. the bolt appears to be between 15-17mm in size.
Thanks again guys :)
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Remove the nut on the other side of the bolt and tap it out of the hole. I believe that the bolt is splined into the hole and the reason for the odd pentagonal head is to prevent folks from trying to force it with a wrench and subsequently shear it off.

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To follow up and answer anyone in the future:
I ended up just grinding the 5 sided bolt off. The nut is attached to a carriage bolt so you can not loosen the other end. After grinding the Penta-bolt off I bought a 1/2" by 3" carriage bolt and nut from Lowes to reinstall the new mount and it works perfectly. DO NOT grind on the head of the carriage bolt itself, you need to preserve that bracket to transfer over to the new mount. Hope this helps :)
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