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2000 neon replacement crankshaft

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Hi.hope Im on the correct forum.. have a 2000 neon es. 2.0 SOHC and I built the engine 10,000 miles ago,it's a everyday driver and non performance, the only crankshaft I could find was from advance auto parts and when they shipped it to me I noticed it said remanufactured in Pakistan,well,put it in, and the vibration from day 1 is unbelievable as I understand the crankshaft has to be balanced and I know the flex plate and crank pulley is not a counter balance or they would only go back on in one direction only and be keyed, has anyone bought a crankshaft for their neon and where?? any leads much appreciated.. oh ,all mounts new including the center right side and all were adjusted properly, no difference on vibration, I hope this is not a throwaway engine.. :excited:
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This sort of work is the thing that an automotive machine shop would handle normally. If I had to rebuild a 2.0 and needed a crank, I'd probably have sourced one from a crashed Neon, Stratus, or other car with the 2.0, and had a machine shop make it right.
Location of production sounds kind of weird, didn't know they outsourced even aftermarket stuff there. Needless to say, if you are positive it isn't a missfire or bad injector, bent rod, anything else, then you wil have to pull the crank one more time and have it spun balanced. Five main bearings and a cradle usually maintain pretty good balance, but there are limitations if the crank isn't balanced, or one of the other things mentioned as part of the problem. You forgot to mention exact reason for replacing the crankshaft in the first place.
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