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2000 Sebring JXi Convertible, Fog Lamps don't work

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Recently acquired this to replace my 89 Lebaron convertible. Vehicle is in overall good shape for its' age. Got a few things going on that I'll need to ask about.

First, the fog lamps. With the headlamps ON and the stalk control pulled out they should come on. I get nothing, no lights and not even the dash indicator lights up.

I replaced the bulbs and checked the fuses on the driver side. Fuses are fine, new bulbs. Is ther somnething else I should be looking at before I take it to an auto electric shop? Unfortunelately the Haynes book I bought is no help so far.

The previous owner also said the rear window defroster doesn't work. The fuse seems OK and I haven't used a meter to check voltage yet. Related perhaps?
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If you separate the upper and lower plastic steering column halves to access the multifunction switch, with the low headlamp beams on you should have f/lamp power in on the Vt/Rd wire and power out on the Lt Bu. wire to the f/lamps.
The rear window defogger may have the grid terminal solder broken from the glass. This comes from the flexing of the top raising and lowering.
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