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I have a 2000 Stratus with the 2.5L V6. I've had the car for a few years, never had a problem until recently. The check engine light came on with the P0601 code. It still ran perfectly, but I had to fix it for PA state inspection. I installed a remanufactured ECM and thought all was fine for about 2 weeks. One day when I was driving home from work it started acting up. The tach and speedometer both drop to 0, then back up right away. Sometimes when it does this it feels like its losing all power (seems like its about to shut off), then is fine again. Sometimes it randomly revs way up. The check engine light comes on sometimes, but not all the time now. When it's on it gives the P0601 code again.
I'm guessing that the ECM might be bad, possibly due to a short/bad ground somewhere in the wiring harness. I found a 2000 Sebring in the junk yard that has the same engine. Would I be able to use the ECM or wiring harness (or better yet both!) from that in the Stratus?

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Welcome to Allpar. I would avoid swapping junkyard PCM's or BCM's between vehicles of this era unless you are sure that the other vehicle does not have the factory VTSS if yours doesn't have the VTSS option.
The VTSS 'seed' will be transferred from an infected PCM to your BCM and once learned it cannot be unlearned. Like a virus, the only fix would be to then replace both the PCM and BCM with good known non-VTSS modules. Reman modules aren't 100% infallible from faults, but may be your best option here and do come with a warranty.
The P0601 code is an internal checksum error, but powers, grounds and bus circuits must be secure. If P0601 comes back a 2nd time after erasing, you can be pretty sure that it is real.
Two PCM's in a row with the same P0601 code is very unusual. I would take a close look at the car-side wiring harness. If it all looks good, return your reman PCM for exchange under warranty. The auto parts store shouldn't have a problem with that.
There may be other problems, but get rid of P0601 first.
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