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2000 WJ Electrical Gremlins - Help !

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I own a 2000 WJ Limited 4.7 V8 with 353,000 + Kms. I just changed the spark plugs and oil/filter and after I restarted I discovered what appears to be an electrical issue. I don't believe its directly related to my work but these items were working before my spark plug/oil change.

The Symptoms:
Auto climate control - No lights on panel and no blower working
No interior lights when opening doors
No horn sound when arming alarm NOR any light flash when unlocking doors
Everything else appears to work
I've disconnected the battery and still encountering the same issue

I still have to verify all fuses as it appears to be fuse or relay related.
Perhaps an electric short somewhere ?

I was planning a 5,000 Km trip this weekend but really cannot take my Jeep without heat (Canadian winter). I love my Jeep and want to keep it, however it's an old girl and I'm hoping to fix this with little expense.

Thanks - Alex
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Sounds very much like a fuse. And I think you answered your own question, if it was fine before you did work and not afterward, it's likely that you inadvertently caused it.

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I've now tested every fuse under the hood (in PDC) and all have continuity. Tested the under-dash fuses that were marked BCM but not ALL under-dash. Disconnected battery for more than 30 mins and connected POS to NEG without batttery hoping to reset. SAME ISSUE.

Any thoughts on next steps ?
Could it be the BCM ? Perhaps next is to speak to a dealer for diagnostics price and see from there ?
I'm not sure I can test anything further ....

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Why didn't you test all the under-dash fuses?

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I ran out of time last night. I'll continue testing the remaining under-dash fuses tonight and I'll update then. Thanks for you help thus far.

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You might want access to a factory service manual and body diagnostic procedures manual if you are to diagnose this yourself. Powers and grounds must be present at the BCM (body control module).
Then see if it can communicate with a scan tool such as the DRB3 or equivalent. All the symptoms that you list are BCM related. It can store fault codes and might be partially functional.

The body control module (BCM) supplies vehicle
occupants with visual and audible information and
controls various vehicle functions. To provide and
receive information, the module is interfaced to the
vehicle’s serial bus communication network (Programmable
Communication Interface or PCI bus).
This network consists of the powertrain control
module (PCM), the memory/heated seat module
(MHSM, MSM or HSM), the sentry key immobilizer
module (SKIM), the transmission control module
(TCM), the electro/mechanical instrument cluster
(MIC), the driver door module (DDM), the passenger
door module (PDM), the airbag control module
(ACM), the antilock brake module (ABS), the optional
electronic vehicle information center (EVIC),
the optional PCI radio and the optional automatic
zone control module (AZC). The BCM is operational
when battery power is supplied to the module,
ignition switch power is needed for ignition
switched functions.
The BCM provides the following new features:
² Full control of all exterior and interior lamps,
including these features:
> A Battery Saver automatically turns off all
exterior and interior lamps within 8 minutes
after the ignition is turned off, if they are not
turned off by the driver. This includes the
front and rear reading/courtesy lamps and the
cargo area dome lamp, even if they are turned
on manually.
> Theater-style interior lighting dims gradually
when the doors are closed.
> Interior courtesy lamp operation may be ‘‘defeated’’
using the dimmer control ring on the
left stalk switch.
> Instrument panel light intensity may be maximized
for daytime visibility with the head
lamps or parking lights by using the dimmer
control ring on the left stalk switch.
² A refined Accessary/Sunroof Delay allows operation
of the sunroof as well as the power windows.
In addition, the time has been extended from 30
to 45 seconds after the ignition is switched off for
added convenience. As in the past, the delay
terminates (window and/or sunroof ceases) if a
door is opened, which helps protect occupants
from possible injury.
² Beep tones for warnings and programming actions
associated with the Sentry Key Immobilizer
system and the EVIC.
The BCM also provides the following features:
² Intermittent wipe and low speed wiper control
² Wiper system status
² Ignition on/off timer
² VF displays synchronization
² Rear door and liftgate ajar status
² Acquisition & transmission of external temperature
² A/C select switch status
² Chime
² Courtesy lamps with fade to off feature
² Reading lights/glove box lamp load shedding control
² Exterior lighting control including automatic
headlamps, fog lamp control and parking lamps
² Exterior lamp status
² Headlamp time delay upon ignition off and headlamps
switch off
² Parade mode
² Illuminated entry
² Instrument panel dimming
² Vehicle theft security system with panic & horn
and hazard lamp activation
² Key-in ignition switch interface
² Brake fluid level switch/park brake switch interface
² Seatbelt reminder
² Speed sensitive intermittent wipe control
² Remote radio switch interface to radio
² Vehicle ignition status
² BCM self diagnostics
² Liftgate courtesy lamp disable
² Rear window defogger control
² Accessory delay control (windows and sunroof)
² Fuel economy and distance to empty (DTE) calculations
² Heated seat switch status
² Exterior lamp load shed
² Support of EVIC programmable features

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I just replaced the BCM with the same part number and still having the same symptoms. Any other thoughts on what this might be?
i guess its time to head to the dealer as I don't have a scan tool.
Was hoping this would be a simple fix.


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The new BCM may need to be initialized with a scan tool before it can work, but usually the BCM itself is not the problem. I'd re-install the old one.
If you have a meter, get a service manual with wiring diagrams. I don't think there are any for free on Google unless you sign up for the service as this material is copyrighted. I can't vouch for the integrity of some of these sites. You might find diagrams at a larger public library. Get BCM connector pin-outs with wire colors. Check all battery/ignition on powers and body grounds.
You may have to pay for scan tool diagnosis if it has to go that far. Any diagnosis that you can do yourself is a good first step.
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