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2001 caravan - parasitic draw-BCM.?

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2001 @ 3.3L. Anti theft security plus power locks

Nice van... well maintained...reblt trans ... only one issue present and that is a parasitic draw in electrical system which was diagnosed buy a technician who suggested a defective body control module. He went on to say that replacing the body control module will cure the problem of the parasitic draw. In the meantime the present owner of this van was instructed to remove the fuses for control the dome light circuit and the power door locks what she has. So the number of features lighting do not work unless those fuses are replaced at the expense of running down the battery overnight so my question to all of you use can a defective Body control module actually be responsible for this situation . Or has this been mis diagnosed .your thoughts......

Are bcm known to misbehave in this fashion or could this be misdiagnosed.
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You need to re-diagnose this. Something is staying on that shouldn't be.
Modules stay on (active) for a moment after shutoff, then should go to sleep. The current draw can be measured with a milliammeter (mA). It should drop after a moment after shutoff to around ~100 mA, depending on vehicle options. Were the courtesy lights coming on by themselves?
Factory radio and security alarm system? Remote start or any aftermarket electronics added?
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