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2001 Chrysler T & C 3.8 L Need To Change Fuel Pump

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Hello Folks:

For the second time in a few months, my gas gauge did not move when I started my car. :(Based upon limited research, it appears that this is a common symptom...that usually requires the fuel pump/sending unit to be replaced. How likely is it that the gas gauge is not working simply due to a bad ground connection? From one of the on-line videos I see that the fuel pump/sending unit has a ground connection that seems to simply slide on one of the metal frame parts. This weak attachment point seems like it might cause intermittent fuel gauge errors even if the pump and sending unit were working properly.

A couple of questions: does anyone have any strong feelings as to which fuel pump/sending unit works best in this van? Right now, it looks like the most common replacement pump is an Airtex fuel pump part number 1574-07006153 which costs around $135. Similarly, does anyone have any strong feelings as to which fuel filter works best in this van? (Given that I will have to drop the gas tank down to replace the fuel pump, it only makes sense to replace the fuel filter as well at the same time.)

Lastly, if I do need to changout the fuel pump/sending unit, is there any simple way to depressurize the fuel lines? Unfortunately, I do not have any specialized tools to help me depressurize the fuel lines. :frustrated:

Thanks In Advance For Any/All Help! :thumbsup:


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The clip-on braided ground straps are more for static electricity grounds than an actual electrical ground. The true pump/sender ground is an eyelet terminal and black/* wire screwed elsewhere into the body.
There should be a schraeder valve fitting on the fuel rail to measure or release fuel pressure. Discharge the fitting into a rag to reduce splash.
It might help you with the details of the repair to get your hands on a service manual.

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Shop manual tells you to remove tank to change pump. On earlier models you can change pump without completely removing tank, haven't tried that on your model but it will probably work.
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