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2001 Chrysler T&C LXI 3.8L Strange OBD Code #13

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2001 Chrysler T&C LXI 3.8L Strange OBD Code #13

For the last few weeks I have been an intermittant "check engine light." When I run a code check it comes back with #13 ABS voltage low. What does this mean...and how do I troubleshoot it and/or fit it? :frusty:

Thanks In Advance!
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The ABS codes for the antilock brakes are not OBD II and wouldn't show up in a PCM/TCM scan. Only codes that show up with a 'P' (for powertrain) followed by 4 digits are valid. ABS codes may start with a 'C' (for chassis) or 'U' (for bus communication) issues.
Where is this '13' appearing? In the odometer window may be an instrument cluster version or software revision number.
You might want to interrogate the PCM/TCM with a capable scan tool instead. If the 'ck eng' is coming on, there is probably a stored fault code being left behind. TCM codes may only be read with a scan tool anyways and may not show up in your odometer. Only fault codes related to emissions may appear in the odometer display.
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