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2001 Chrysler T & C Want To Change Speakers

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Evening Folks:

I have a 2001 Chrysler T & C & Want To Change the dask and rear panel (on the sides of the trunk area) Speakers. Does anyone know how to remove the panels and/or otherwise get in and change the speakers out?

Also, does anyone know if the factory standard rear panel speakers have enclosures (you know, the foam box thingies) standard?

Lastly, am I going to have to get an aftermarket pigtail to use the factory standard wires that went to the OEM speakers?

Thanks In Advance!

Poor Paul
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The A-pillar trim and dash panel unclips by gently pulling them off. Start at on end with a blunt flatblade-like tool, pry and pop the retainers from their holes.
Same with the rear cargo area side panel grilles.
No enclosures used for base systems.
Replacement speakers usually have separate male Faston terminals, whereas the factory speakers usually have custom connectors (oval or V-shaped faston). I cut the factory terminals off and crimp on separate Faston terminals to match those of the replacement speaker.
If you buy the speakers at Crutchfield they will give you complete instructions on how to pull all the panels off and all the required connectors. In most cases you wont even have to splice anything as they give you free custom made speaker connectors that will fit the existing factory wiring.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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