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2001 pt cruiser hard to start

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newer plugs and wires two cans of sea foam.......and still takes a long time to start...after it does it runs like its on 2 or 3 cylinders......for 10 or so seconds then its fine.........once it does it runs like a charm......any ideas out this the way no codes.....
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Welcome to Allpar. Not everything will throw a fault code, but many times it makes it easier when it does.
Attach a fuel pressure gauge to the injector fuel rail screw fitting and watch the gauge. You may be able to make it reach the windshield and pin it under a wiper with a long enough hose to view it.
If pressure takes awhile to build up after starting, the fuel pump may be trying to purge air or has internal pumping problems.
If the pressure drops off rapidly after shutting off the engine, the internal fuel pump check valve may have failed. The check valve keeps residual pressure in the fuel line so that starting is easier the next time that you start the car. Both of these possibilities will make it run lean until the fuel pressure has stabilized.
Or you may have a fuel injector leaking fuel into a cylinder. This will flood the cylinder with fuel and the next time that you try to start the car it will run rich (too much fuel) until it clears.
This may be accompanied by smoky exhaust and black spark plug tips. Did the old plugs show any discoloration? Are you using the correct Champion RE14MCC5?
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