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2002 new generation v8

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I have been told that my 2002 Grand Cherokee with the 4.7 v8 has a blown head gasket and that the engine is not serviceable and needs to be replaced. Has anyone had experience replacing the head gaskets on this engine?
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The 4.7L is a completely serviceable engine.
If the engine is tired or coolant has entered the crankcase and damaged the bearings, then you may want to consider a reman engine if the condition of the rest of the vehicle warrants replacing it. The shop might just think that it would be easier to replace an engine if it looks like a Pandora's box.

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I see this may be called an old post....but There is no mention of how hot . . . . . . . .

I recently took possesion of a 2002 GC with the 4.7HO engine , and just drained the coolant
after much head scrubbing. There is A LOT of informtion out here on the web, but some-of-it
is scattered. Some-no mention of drain-plugs for the engine, some-no mention of the
air-bleed plug on top of this engine, some state drain it, stick a garden hose in the radiator
fill it up and start the engine and flush till it is "clear." So I freeked when the temp guage
went "hotter than normal" after a refill and restart of the engine.
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