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2002 Ram 1500 V6

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I just bought my daughter a 02 Ram 1500 with the 215 hp 3.7 engine and auto. It has a HD cooling system with external trans and oil or PS coolers, and rear discs. Runs and drives great. Any particulars to watch for on these? Ya know, weird failing ball joints, oiling issues in the engine or anything like that? She loves it and took all of about two hours of ownership before putting Ed Hardy seat covers, steering wheel cover, floormats and air fresheners. LOL Ahh, a girls first truck. It "only" has 195K on it. LOL. Surprising amount of power, but she really is a gentle and economical driver. I think it would ALMOST keep up with my 95 Ram 5.2 to be quite honest. I am about to put rear pads on it.
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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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