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I have a 2002 Sebring LX 4dr without climate control and the heater core leaks.
I'm trying to remove it using the steps outlined in the Haynes Repair manual but somewhere,
there is a (or some) fastener(s) that I haven't located yet.
I've removed the 3 that fasten the heater box to the firewall, the fasteners across the top of the dash
under the windshield, the steering column, the center console, the knee bolster, the glove box, the bolts
at both ends of the dash, etc. Apparently, somewhere in the center or center upper portion of the dash,
I've missed one or more fasteners.
Has anyone completed this particular repair that knows the location of the secret fastener?
This isn't the first heater core replacement by far in my 40+ years of Mopar ownership, but this is by
far the most frustrating.
Thanks in advance far any help.
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