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2003 Dodge Caravan Grand Sport 3.3 Liter Regular fuel

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Overheating problem - new water pump, new thermostat, new radiator cap. Very intermittent, sometimes will hit the red mark in 300 feet of driving. Shut motor off, start back up 2 minutes later & the temp is normal. Other times will go several miles then hit red mark. Same thing, shut & turn back on 2 mins. later temp is normal. Does not act like a blockage when cooling off this fast. Could it be the coolant sensor or the clutch fan sensor?
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Found the problem - air pockets in the cooling system. Ran the motor without the radiator cap for 45 mins. just like old fathfull, burped 3 separate times, repleneshed lost fuild after each air pocket release. Let run for 15 more mins. with coolant level full. Then put on radiator cap back on after topping off once last time. Let run for another 30 mins., never overheated. Problem solved. Same as bleeding air out of the radiator in an old house every fall.
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