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2003 GC Power Window Regulator

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Today I removed the old PW regulator and got the new one hanging in place but not yet secured.

This may be one of the worst body component jobs I've ever done simply because it was so difficult to remove. There is also a steep learning curve for me which accounts for a lot of the five hours I spent so far!

The window was stuck closed. The window can't be released from the lifts unless it is at least half-way down. I had to cut the old cables to get it down. I wasted a lot of time trying to get it loose while closed.

The motor is secured by screws which go into round brass nuts molded into rubber cushion mounts. Round no less, and of course they twisted right out of the rubber first thing. It could not be a worse design except if it had been blind. At least I could get my vise grips on them and get the screws out. Weird to say the least. Probably fast on the production line though!

This comparable job on my '88 with cogged nylon tape takes all of 45 min.

I didn't need to remove the window, contrary to the manual instructions,
NOTE; this factory manual has so many mistakes that it is hazardous for a beginner to use! Not all that different from some of the other factory manuals I have though.

I got the new regulator online for $43, my local parts guy wants $100+.
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All the nuts twisted out of the rubber so I trimmed the rubber and used it for mounting the new motor since it had none. I want nothing more to do with those things! I backed the rubber with large washers, otherwise they could possibly fall out if the rubber rotted out.

I wasted another hour when the window wouldn't close. Frustration. Discovered the window stud was not pushed into the channel lift even though it snapped when I pushed in on it. Evidently it was only riding on top. Then found the top pulley bracket was bent and touching the glass.Luckily I was able to straighten it with vise grips without having to remove everything.

All in all a very educational experience even though I've done many other types of PW over the years. I'm not really impressed by the design. I still don't see how this is superior to the nylon tape system? Cheaper probably! My mechanic tells me the cables are bad to jam on the spool.

Next time I'll remove the motor so I can unwind the spool without cutting cables.

The watershield is very hard to remove without being destroyed. I reinstalled it using waterproof clear plastic tape so it will be easy to remove. The inside layer of the watershield is flaking off anyway but a heavy visqueen is just as good.

I was impressed by the many methods by Chrysler for deadening noise, much better than generation one.
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