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2003 PT Cruiser problem with overheating either for sale or advice how to fix

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2003 PT Cruiser pretty significant mileage but ran fine and was taken care of till this point, problem seems to be engine overheating, looking for advice on parts or a fix I’m missing, otherwise it would be for sale to someone who loves the car and would like to fix it themselves. great car was very reliable
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If you like the car then perhaps its worth keeping. As an owner with an original 2001 LTD 5sp my overheating was first caused by a crack in the plastic adapter on the top of the filler neck (can't remember what its connected to) but I could NOT see it. Had to use a pressure tester to find it. Then some years later I developed a pinhole leak in my radiation that allowed pressure to reduce causing overheating. Replaced the radiator. Now at 21 years old, 126K miles it runs and drive as it always has.

Good luck
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Smack dab in the center of CT which for driving is 1/2 hour from MA, NY, RI and Long Island Sound. Where in NJ are you?
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