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2003 RAM 3500 cruise control

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2003 Ram 3500 My cruise control quit working. However the light comes on when I push the button on. My husband is very busy so I want to figure out the problem myself if I can. With help of course. I looked for a fuse under the hood but nothing says cruise. Thank you
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No separate fuse for the cruise control. It is computer (PCM) controlled. Any 'ck eng' light or fault codes?
You can try the key-dance here:

Write any codes down. Not everything will set a fault code and the PCM may have to be interrogated by a scan tool. Watch the tool display for switch on/off states (off/on, set, resume, cancel, etc). The brake pedal switch, if out-of adjustment or defective can also cause the cruise not to operate. This should also be shown on the scan tool as a PCM input. Some tool displays will also give a 'reason for last cruise default' which may point to the problem.
Many auto parts stores will let you use a scan tool across the counter for out in the parking lot if you leave a 'hostage' ID card with them.
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