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2003 Ram 3500 power window switch not working

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The windows won't roll down with the individual switches. Only the drivers control works them. They all had worked before but now they don't. My husband has no idea why. I thought perhaps it was the switch on the front passengers side. I was going to replace one at a time but rather than do that I decide to go to the computer. I looked at the fuse box under the hood but I am not exactly sure which fuse to look for. I could use some suggestions as I would like to get them working myself without having to go to the mechanic first if it might be a simple fix. Thank you
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well there are 3 possibilities here. 1st is the simple lockout switch has been activated. that is on the master window switch control prevents the kids from playing with the windows but enables you to control them from the drivers seat.
The other is that the wiring for the cut out is open. ive found down in the drivers side kick panel they corroded in the harness. also the possibility of broken door harnesses.
check the cut out switch 1st.
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