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2003 Town & Country Limited 3.8L

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Good Day to you all,

This van has had some wierd electronic stuff happening lately.

1. The air conditioning fan will work in all speeds and then suddenly stop. Adjusting the fan speed does nothing. Turn it off and come to a full stop. As I accelerate from the stop I turn the A/C on again and it works again. Seems to happen frequently on the hot days more than the cooler days. It's the wifes van and she uses the A/C all the time. I have replaced the fan itself and a multi fingered diode which was less than 1 foot from the fan.

2. A non start situation. Almost like it's not getting gas. After about 4-5 turns of the key (15-20 seconds each) it starts and bucks continuously. It drives real jerky (like its shifting but the shifting doesn't happen at the normal RPM ranges) then eventually drops down into limp mode and is like that until I disconnect the battery. I reconnect the battey and all is fine until the next time. It happened yesterday and approximately 1 month ago. I replaced the alternator because of a bad voltage regulator. When this happens, is there a way to read the thrown codes without a code reader?

Ken M
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Is this ATC (automatic temperature control)? Usually when the solid state fan control quits, it isn't just intermittent but stays that way. Does playing with the ign switch bring the fan function back? Could the ign switch or a power connector be failing? It takes a specialized scan tool (DRB III or equivalent) to address the ATC module.
If engine fault codes can be read without a reader, they would probably show up in the digital odometer display. Try a key-dance or cluster self-test. Limp mode or a lit 'ck eng' light would certainly leave behind a fault code until it is erased by a battery disconnect. Next time leave the code there until you can get it read.
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