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2004 chrysler sebring air coolant bleeder

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hi my name is bob. i own a 2004 chrysler sebring. we love our car started overheating last fall. we took it in to our mechanic. the air coolant bleeder was cracked so we replaced that and it still overheated we replaced the t-stat(which was put in backwards). so it still overheated and after having them fix that it finally stopped overheating. well now winter is over and no problems with it all winter. our first day with 80 degree weather and the car overheats. i looked and the air coolant bleeder is cracked and shooting coolant out through the body. it appears to keep cracking in the same place. this story has been shortened a little as last fall i actually went through 3 of these parts and this is number four. what can be causing this part to crack?? i'm getting frustrated and low on cash to throw at this vehicle....if only we didnt like this car so much. any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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Welcome to Allpar. The Mopar parts warranty should be for 1 year or 12,000 miles. If it has failed within that time, it should be covered.
The thermostat should only fit in one way. The thermal-sense spring side should be in the front cover.
Check the radiator for possible plugging. Use only a 50/50 HOAT coolant (orange) with soft or distilled water as the obsolete green stuff will cause corrosion problems with the aluminum engine/radiator/heater core.
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