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2004 Intrepid ES/STX sunroof switches (won't close)

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picked up a nice lower mileage 2004 Intrepid ES (totally identical to the 2002) for daughter to replace the 91 5th ave (which dad now gets to drive and try to wear out).

THe buttons for the sunroof to open/close/vent are different than the 2002 Intrepid. The 2002 has open/close/vent. THe 2004 has a a couple of arrows one pointing forward, one backward and a button in the middle with a "V"

I presume the forward arow is close, the V is vent and the rearward arrow is open. The 2004 owners manual only shows the 2002 style.

I can get it to open with the rear arrow and the vent to open with the V' but it will not close with the forward button. I have to use the V button and catch it at the right time before it pops into vent mode.

Is my assumption right on how it works and if so I presume I have a bad close switch??

Thanks for the help
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If it doesn't behave like the description below, I would suspect a switch problem.

The sunroof is electrically operated from a two switches located on the windshield header, rearward of the map lamp. To operate the sunroof the ignition switch must be in the On/Run position. One switch (CLOSE) is a push button type and used too close the sunroof. Pressing and holding the CLOSE button, the sunroof will fully close. If the CLOSE button is released prior to the sunroof reaching the fully closed position, the sunroof will stop in that position. The other switch (OPEN/VENT) is a rocker type for opening and venting the sunroof. Pressing and releasing the OPEN button once the sunroof will express open and the wind deflector will raise. If the button is pressed a second time the sunroof will stop in that position. To open the sunroof from the vent position, push and hold the open button. The sunroof will not express open until you have passed through the full closed position. The OPEN button may be released and the sunroof will continue to open in the express open feature. If the VENT button is pressed and held while the sunroof is in the open position, the sunroof will travel to the close position and then to the vent position. Releasing the button at anytime during the travel will cause the sunroof to stop at that current position.
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