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2004 neon 2.0 liter skipping

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My neon is skipping alot but it does not skip all the time and the engine light blinks on and off and sometimes just stays on. the diagnostic test said it was missing fire on number three cyclinder.
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Pull the plug wire for cylinder #3, if it has oil on it, you will need to replace the valve cover gasket and plug tube seals, then replace all the plugs and plug wires.


If your check engine light is blinking on and off, do not drive the car you will damage the cat converter.

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Have same problem on 04 neon. Check fuel, and ignition along with valve cover gasket with spark plug tubes and seals. If problem is not found here, while valve cover is off, perform a compression check. My No. 3 cyl was low (60 psi) I next removed the intake and exhaust rocker shafts, pressurized the cylinder, and air escaped out the tail pipe. Checked the other cylinders and they were good. I then
tapped the exhaust valves with a plastic hammer, hoping to loosen some stuck carbon. No good. Hope this is not your problem, but this was mine, a burnt exhaust valve.
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