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2004 PT Cruiser GT wheel fitment

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Just purchased the above, and I think I'll be needing to mount up some snows as the stock 17"s with all-seasons probably won't cut it. Checked some older online threads, so I think I know the answers, but I'd like to confirm.

1. Can I use 15" stock steelies from a base model PT without brake clearance issues? I think that's a "yes".
2. What's the tire size to be used on a 15" to match up to the stock 17" size for speedo accuracy, etc.? P195/65R15? What are people generally using? Will P205/60R15's work?
3. I've got a set of '06-'07 PT 9-spoke aluminum wheels (hollander 2270?) (with a pretty fresh set of tires); will they fit? I think that's a "no" due to the brake caliper clearance issues.
4. I also have a set of '02 PT 16" chrome (non-dimpled) wheels, a crappy set of mid-80's 15 X 6.5? crabs, and some other 15" mid-80's TD alloys. Will any of those work?