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2004 pt crusier engine light on

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Hi I'm a girl and I need to ask someone a question about why my engine light came on while going down the highway. It also started sputtering and I had to pull off to the side of the road. I had just had the crusier looked at and the guy had just tightened the hose or something to the oil filter. (They said) It had been running great until he did that. Was it just a coinsidence? I love my crusier! I put some fuel in and the engine light went off for a while but came back on and sputtered again. HELP
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You need to determine which engine light is illuminating. It could be the check engine lamp which is yellow and shows an outline of an engine. Or it could be the low oil pressure lamp or battery charge lamp which would be small and round and show red.

If it is the check engine lamp locate an Autozone auto repair parts retail store. You can search online at and find the nearest retail store. Take the car there and ask for a free check of any diagnostic codes. Store personnel will hook up a code reader to a port under the steering column and find any diagnostic codes and their particular meaning. You can post back here with codes and we can help you decide what remedy needs to be applied.
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