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2004 Quad cab done in

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My trusty 2004 Hemi 4 x 4 1500 Quad Cab was done in Thursday. She was a victim of texting while driving. My wife had decided to use the truck to go to work so my youngest daughter could practice for her driving test in the Neon. As my wife was coming to her exit on I-75 (southwest Florida) there were emergency vehicles on the ramp taking care of a fender bender. Traffic was stopped so the ambulance could turn around on the ramp and exit. A car in front of my wife stopped forst then my wife stopped well behind the first car. The 21 year old young lady (texting on her phone) never even touched her brakes. The girl hit the back of the truck and her car went underneath the truck and was literally obliterated. A 1998 Olds Alero? The car looked like someone stuck dynomite under the front end. There was debris everywhere. The back bumper of the truck was bent underneath the truck and up against the underside of the bed of the truck. The truck was pushed about 30 feet forward even while my wife had her foot on the brake. Amazingly neither my wife or the young lady were hurt. My truck had 217,775 and was still a hard running great looking truck. She survived hurricane Charlie and towed to many cars to count. I just replaced the radiator a month ago and other than that the only part I ever had to put on was a drivers side front hub. The insurance company has totaled the truck, and now we will see what they think it's worth. Sad to see it go this way but I am thankful that my wife was in the truck and not the Neon. It could have been a very different ending.