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2004 Sebring Air Bleeder

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Just purchase a 04 Sebring Platinum Series Convertible. Coolant air bleeder leaking on top of the engine and needs replaced, seems like a common problem. My question is, I am going to remove the intake plenum to do this and was wondering if I should or have to replace the gaskets or O rings on the manifold. This thing is harder to work on than my 04 PT GT
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If the coolant tube that runs between the banks is OK (and it usually is), just replace the bleeder box at the front of the assembly. The tube unscrews from it. Use the new o-ring.
The soft rubber seal rings between the upper and lower intake manifolds are reuseable as long as they aren't cut or torn.
There is a hidden upper intake manifold bolt under the throttle body at the rear.
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