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2005-2007 Chrysler facilities and factories, including administrative buildings

This is a listing of Chrysler Group operations in North America as of May 31 2005, courtesy of the Chrysler Group; it was updated through 2007.

Building Lobby Shopping mall Architecture Room


  • Auburn Hills Complex. Headquarters Tower: 1,169. The principal location of Chrysler Group corporate staffs for top executives and for corporate legal, accounting, finance, government affairs, international operations, human resources, labor relations, communications, sales and marketing, and service staffs.
  • DaimlerChrysler Office Building: 14. Computer training services and information technology management (formerly the Construction Office Building).
  • Chrysler Technology Center (CTC): 8,491. The principal for engineering, design, procurement and supply, and manufacturing processing activities. This complex also includes a pilot production plant, scientific test facilities, a powertrain testing center, full-size wind tunnel and a vehicle evaluation road.
  • Canada Headquarters (Windsor, Ontario): 345. The Canadian headquarters houses the human resources, sales and service, marketing, finance, legal, ITM, Mopar, communications and government affairs departments.
  • Automotive Research and Development Centre (Windsor, Ontario): 200. Engineering and various corporate research and development programs. Equipped with six road-test simulators and a range of research and development support facilities, including the Automotive Coatings Research Facility and the Automotive Lighting Research Facility.
  • Featherstone Road Office Center: 331. Miscellaneous platform support, engineering, environmental, general au­ditors, industrial hygiene activities, information technology management, the Service Technical Assistance Resource (STAR) Center, corporate payroll and home to Street and Racing Technology (SRT) operations.

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  • Hamlin Road Center: 140. Customer Call Center, which handles calls from customers and dealers.
  • Quality Engineering Center: 69. Analyzes parts returned from Chrysler Group dealerships to resolve product issues with suppliers, manufacturing, engineering and procure­ment and supply. Also a vehicle repair and inspection facil­ity for quality issues on the corporate lease fleet.
  • Walter P. Chrysler Museum: 3. A public facility highlight­ing the American heritage of the Chrysler Group through vehicles, video and interactive displays.
  • Amrhein Road Center (Livonia, Mich.): 7. A part of the Advance Power Train Engineering organization that has design, engineering, testing and fabrication capability to build "one-off" components, systems and vehicle adaptations to support advance projects.
  • Detroit Office Warehouse: 6. Warranty return processing center, historical archives and furniture warehouse.
  • Doris Road Facility (Auburn Hills): 24. New home for the Advance Vehicle Engineering's Applied Material and Manufacturing Technology Group, which identifies and develops advance material and manufacturing process technology and delivers feasible applications for future product.
  • Interior Craftsmanship Studio (Auburn Hills): 7. Coordinates color, grain and gloss quality consistency.
  • ITM-Mopar® and Service (Center Line, Mich.): 63. Computer system support for aftermarket sales.
  • Mt. Elliott Tool and Die Manufacturing Facility (Detroit): 339. Advanced program tool and die construction.
  • Pacifica Advanced Product Design Center (Carlsbad, Calif): 17. Advanced vehicle design center.
  • Plymouth Road Office Complex (PROC) (Detroit): 1,897. Product development support for Jeep® and trucks. Jeep and truck engineering, procurement and supply, and advance manufacturing processing activities.
  • Sterling Heights Administration Center: 149. Corporate accounts payable, manufacturing group accounting, manufacturing offices and a data center.
  • Sterling Heights Vehicle Test Center: 22. Conducts emissions and on-board diagnostics quality assurance testing; and preparation and maintenance of company vehicles.
  • Warren (Mich.) Office: 44. Information technology services.
  • Proving Grounds. Vehicle endurance testing and development support services; impact, emissions/fuel economy, brake and sound pass-by certification testing. Each facility includes a high­speed oval, ride road, straightaway(s), off-road trails and Vehicle Dynamics Facility.
  • Arizona Proving Grounds (Wittmann): 86. 5,555 acres, of which 3,836 are fenced. Also includes a high solar load material soak farm, city traffic course, corrosion preparation facility and access to mountain grades.
  • Chelsea (Mich.) Proving Grounds: 675. 3,850 acres. Chelsea facilities also include a skid traction facility, mileage accumulators, a wind tunnel and corrosion testing facility.
  • Canadian National Fleet Office (Mississauga, Ontario): 16.
  • DaimlerChrysler de Mexico S.A. Headquarters (Santa Fe, Mexico): 785.
Assembly plants

  • Belvidere: 2,044. Neon, Dodge SRT4; Caliber, late 2005.
  • Conner Avenue (Detroit): 144. Dodge Viper and its engine.
  • Jefferson North (Detroit): 2,858. Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jeep Commander.
  • Newark (Del.): 2,115. Dodge Durango.
  • Sterling Heights (Mich.) Assembly Plant: 2,458. Dodge Stratus sedan, Chrysler Sebring sedan, Chrysler Sebring Convertible.
  • St. Louis North (Fenton, Mo.): 2,341. Dodge Ram Quad Cab®/regular cab (heavy and light duty).
  • St. Louis South (Fenton, Mo.): 3,385. Chrysler Voyager (Mexican market only), Chrysler Town & Country, Dodge Caravan and Grand Caravan.
  • Toledo (Ohio): 1,329. (plants at Stickney Avenue and Jeep Parkway) Jeep Wrangler and Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
  • Toledo (Ohio) North: 2,658. Jeep Liberty.
  • Warren (Mich.) (Dodge City Complex): 4,381. Dodge Ram, Dodge Dakota.
  • Brampton (Ontario): 4,130. Chrysler 300, Chrysler 300C Touring (for sales outside North America only), Dodge Magnum and Dodge Charger.
  • Windsor (Ontario): 5,784. Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Town & Country and Chrysler Pacifica.
  • Saltillo (Mexico): 2,183. Dodge Ram Quad Cab®/regular cab, Dodge Ram SRT10.
  • Toluca (Mexico): 2,529. Chrysler PT Cruiser, PT Cruiser Convertible.
Stamping, Powertrain and Component Operations

  • Detroit Axle Plant: 2,123. Axles and differentials.
  • Etobicoke Casting Plant (Toronto): 451. Aluminum die casting, pistons, engine and transmission parts.
  • Indiana Transmission Plant I (Kokomo, Ind.): 1,815. Rear­wheel-drive transmissions for trucks and Jeep vehicles.
  • Indiana Transmission Plant II (Kokomo, Ind.): 634. Transmissions for large cars and Jeep vehicles.
  • Indianapolis Foundry: 823. Cast-iron engine blocks (closes in late 2005).
  • Kenosha (Wis.) Engine Plant: 1,265. 3.5-liter V-6 engine, 4.0-liter 1-6 engine, 2.7-liter V-6 engine.
  • Kokomo (Ind.) Casting Plant: 1,155. Transmission and transaxle cases and aluminum parts.
  • Kokomo (Ind.) Transmission Plant: 3,512. Front-wheel­drive and rear-wheel-drive transmissions.
  • Mack Avenue Engine Plant I (Detroit): 918. 4.7-liter V-8 engines.
  • Mack Avenue Engine Plant II (Detroit): 744. 3.7-liter V-6 engines.
  • Sterling Stamping Plant (Sterling Heights, Mich.): 2,517. Automotive body stampings and assemblies such as hoods, decklids, quarter panels, roofs, liftgates, side apertures, front fenders, doors, floor pans and rails.
  • Toledo (Ohio) Machining Plant: 1,638. Steering columns and torque converters.
  • Trenton (Mich.) Engine Plant: 1,806. 2.0-liter 1-4 engines, 3.3-liter and 3.8-liter V-6 engines.
  • Twinsburg (Ohio) Stamping Plant: 1,890. Automotive body stampings and assemblies such as roofs, liftgates, fenders, hoods, side apertures, door assemblies, crossmem­bers and miscellaneous assembly products.
  • Warren (Mich.) Stamping Plant: 1,961. Automotive body stampings and assemblies such as hoods, doors, fenders, lift­gates, and other structural stampings and welded assemblies.
  • Saltillo Engine Plant: 1,165. 2.0- and 2.4-liter 1-4 engines, 5.7-liter and 6.1-liter V-8 HEMI® engines.
  • Saltillo Stamping and Stamping Subassemblies Plant: 279. Dodge Ram parts.
  • Toluca Stamping Plant: 131. Stamping parts for Chrysler PT Cruiser.
Joint Ventures, Subsidiaries and Affiliations

  • New Process Gear (Syracuse, N.Y.): A joint venture with Magna International (formerly a joint venture with General Motors; started as an independent company) that manufactures four-wheel-drive systems, transmissions, transaxles and compounders. Chrysler currently owns 20%.
  • Global Engine Manufacturing Alliance LLC (Dundee, Mich.): A joint venture with Mitsubishi Motors and Hyundai to manufacture a range of 4-cylinder engines.
  • DaimlerChrysler Transport (Detroit; Toledo, Ohio; and Windsor, Ontario): 994. Operates terminals Deteroit, Toledo, and Windsor. Develops and maintains the manufacturing transportation network hauling material between plants and suppliers.
  • Sales and Service: 3,969 dealerships.
Business Centers

  • Denver Business Center (Englewood, Colo.): 76.
  • Great Lakes Business Center (Auburn Hills): 94.
  • Mid-Atlantic Business Center (Eckridge, Md.): 98.
  • Midwest Business Center (Lisle, IlL): 90.
  • Northeast Business Center (Tappan, N.Y.): 103.
  • Southeast Business Center (Orlando, Fla.): 113.
  • Southwest Business Center (Addison, Texas): 97.
  • West Business Center (Irvine, Calif): 115.
  • Canadian Eastern Business Centre (Mississauga, Ontario): 37.
  • Quebec Business Centre (Montreal, Quebec): 24.
  • Canadian Western Business Centre (Calgary, Alberta): 26.
  • Mexican National Sales Office (Santa Fe, Mexico): 10.
  • Service Contracts Hamlin Road Center (Rochester Hills, Mich.): 62. Responsible for the sales, marketing and customer support of repair, maintenance and convenience service con­tracts, sold through Chrysler Group dealerships, for new and used vehicles.
  • Mopar Parts World Headquarters (Center Line, Mich.): 290. National staff functions, including sales and market­ing, material control, distribution, facilities planning, and national and field depot administration.
Parts Distribution Centers


  • Center Line (Mich.): 704.
  • Marysville (Mich.): 303.
  • Milwaukee: 234.
  • Warren: 327.

Field Parts Distribution Centers

  • Atlanta (Morrow, Ga.): 110.
  • Chicago (Naperville, IlL): 108. Cleveland (Streetsboro, Ohio): 112. Dallas (Carrollton, Texas): 105. Denver: 64.
  • Detroit (New Boston, Mich.): 116. Fontana (Calif): 124.
  • Los Angeles (Ontario, Calif): 137. Memphis (Tenn.): 67. Minneapolis: 68.
  • Newark (Del.): 151.
  • Boston (Mansfield, Mass.): 80. New York (Tappan, N.Y.): 120. Orlando (Fla.): 161.
  • Portland (Beaverton, Ore.): 65.
  • San Francisco (Lathrop, Calif): 50. St. Louis (Hazelwood, Mo.): 62.
  • Mississauga and Toronto (Ontario): 190.
  • Moncton (New Brunswick): 17.
  • Montreal (Quebec): 76.
  • Red Deer (Alberta): 26.
  • Vancouver (British Columbia): 32.
  • Winnipeg (Manitoba): 18.
  • Mexican Parts Distribution Center (Toluca): 53.

[In 2011,] Chrysler opened Mopar parts distribution centers in Shanghai and Dubai, which will support China and the Middle East. The Chinese facility will be in a free trade zone which can support 130 dealers in China and 20 distributors and partners in the Asia-Pacific region; it can also be a referral point for warehouses in South Korea, Japan, and Australia, which support 200 more dealers. The Dubai center is in the Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone, allowing parts movement through the Middle East and Africa.

Training Operations

Zone Technical Training Centers provide technical training to US. dealership technicians.

  • Northeast: Boston (Mansfield, Mass.) 2; New York (Orangeburg) 3; Rochester (Henrietta, N.Y.) 2; Sprinter Training Center (Bridgeport, N.J.) 1.
  • Mid-Atlantic: Philadelphia (Malver, Pa.) 2; Pittsburgh (Sewickley, Pa.) 2; Washington, D.C. 2.
  • Southeast: Atlanta 3; Charlotte (N.C.) 2; Orlando (Fla.) 3. Great Lakes: Cincinnati 2; Detroit (Auburn Hills) 13. Southwest: Dallas (Irving, Texas) 3; Houston 1; New Orleans (Covington, La.) 1; Memphis (Bartlett, Tenn.) 1.
  • Midwest: Milwaukee (Hartland, Wis.) 1; St. Louis (Maryland Heights, Mo.) 2; Chicago (Naperville, IlL) 2.
  • Denver: Denver 2; Kansas City (Lenexa, Kan.) 2; Minneapolis (Plymouth, Minn.) 2.
  • West: Phoenix 1; Los Angeles (Ontario, Calif) 3; Portland (Tualatin, Ore.) 2; San Francisco (Pleasanton, Calif) 1.

UAW/Chrysler National Training Center (NTC) (Detroit) Oversees more than 30 joint programs that provide educa­tion, training and work/life support services for UAW-represented and nonbargaining-unit employees. Also operates the Technology Training Center in Warren, Mich.

National Training Center Regional Family Training Centers: Five locations that supplement NTC-supported training programs at about 50 Chrysler locations in the United States. Located in Holland, Ohio; Fenton, Missouri; Newark, Delaware; Syracuse, New York; and Kokomo, Indiana

Chrysler factories, 2006 -2007

based on an initial compilation by Stratuscaster and information from Chrysler.

NameLocationWhat it makes (2006) Notes
Belvidere Assembly IllinoisCaliber, Compass, Patriot, SRT4Flex plant, 3.7 mil sq. ft., 8,161 emps, 936 robots. Started 1965; Neon, 1993-2005. Includes separate stamping plant.
Belvidere StampingIllinoisBody stampings
Brampton Assembly OntarioChrysler 300, Dodge Magnum, Dodge Charger, SRT8Flex plant, 3 million sq. ft, 4,200 emps incl stamping plant below. Built 1986 by AMC.
Brampton Stamping Ontario72 outer body stampings Started 1991.
Conner Avenue Assembly DetroitDodge Vipers, V10 engines Specialty. 127 emps. Built 1966, bought by Chrysler in 1995 (Viper moved from New Mack then.)
Detroit AxleDetroitAxles, differentials, independent front suspensionsTo close down when Marysville opens up in 2010 or so
Etobicoke CastingEtobicoke, OntarioAluminum die castings, pistons
GEMADundee, MIWorld Engines
Indiana Transmission I Indiana45RFE, 545RFE (2007: 545RFE)ITP1; North side of Kokomo. 1.2 mil sq ft, 1900 emp. Started 1998.
Indiana Transmission II IndianaW5A580 ITP2; North side of Kokomo. 6 mil sq ft, 695 emps. Started 2003.
Jefferson North Assembly DetroitGrand Cherokee, Commander Flex plant. 2.7 mil sq ft. 2,807 emp. Started 1992, expanded 1999; always made Grand Cherokees.
Kenosha Engine Wisconsin3.5 V6 (for LX series)
2.7 V6 (for LX, Sebring, Stratus/Avenger)
1.9 mil sq ft; 1,050 emps. Exports to China and Austria as well as Brampton. Built 1917 by AMC predecessor.
Kokomo Casting IndianaAluminum parts; transmission and transaxle cases 1,000 employees. World's largest die cast facility; started 1965, 4 expansions.
Kokomo Transmission IndianaTransmissions (62TE,
42RLE, 42RE, 40TE, 41TE, 40TES, 41TES, and the soon to be replaced 48RE)
Twin plants (I and II). 3,220 employees. Started 1956, 12 expansions.
Mack Avenue Engine Detroit4.7 V8, Mack Ave I
3.7 V6, Mack Ave II
1.4 mil sq ft for both complexes. Mack Ave. I has 780 emps, Mack Ave. II has 744. Mack Ave I. purchased in 1953 by Chrysler, converted to stamping; then made Vipers in 1992; started making engines in 1998; expanded 2001. Mack Ave II started in 1999 to make the 3.7.
Marysville Axle MichiganAxles$700 million plant to open in 2010, replacing Detroit Axle.
Mount Elliott Tool and DieDetroitTool and die support
Newark Assembly DelawareDodge Durango, Chrysler Aspen 3.4 mil sq ft, 2,000 emps. Built 1951 to make tanks; autos started 1957; Durango 1997. Closed December 17, 2008.
Saltillo Engine Coahuila,


2.0-liter/2.4-liter (Chrysler design);
2.4-liter turbo (Chrysler design);
5.7-liter and 6.1-liter Hemi
to flex? 985 emps, 1.6 mil sq. ft., started 1981. 2.0 liter not made in 2007.
Saltillo Truck Assembly and Stamping Plant Coahuila,


Dodge Ram Quad Cab, Regular Cab, Mega Cab, Chassis Cab, Power Wagon, Ram Box-Off
2,123 emps. Started 1995.
St. Louis North AssemblyFenton,


2006: Dodge Ram Standard, Quad Cab (1500 and 2500). 2007: Ram 1500, 2500, 3500, and Box-Off.Started 1966; minivans, 1987-1995; 2,294 sq ft, 2,330 emps.
St. Louis South AssemblyFenton,


2006: Caravan, SWB Town & Country, Grand Caravan, Voyager (MX). 2007: all minivansStarted 1959; 3,200 emps.
Sterling Heights Assembly MichiganAvenger and Sebring Flex; can make more
than one platform! 3 mil sq ft, 2,600 emps, built 1953 for jets, converted to autos by VW in 1980, bought by Chrysler in 1983.
Sterling Heights Stamping MichiganStampings and assemblies - Stratus, Sebring, Ram, Minivan, Grand Cherokee, Liberty, Pacifica (presume Commander) 2.7 mil sq ft, 2,230 emps, started 1965. ISO 9002.
Toledo North AssemblyOhioLiberty and Nitro 2.1 mil sq ft, 2,969 emps, started 2001 (1997 groundbreaking).
Toledo South AssemblyOhioWrangler, Wrangler Unlimited (2007)
Toledo Supplier Park (Toledo South) OhioBody, paint, chassis of JK Wrangler Owned and operated in partnership with KUKA, Magna Steyr, OMMC starting 2006. 3,408 emps, 2.5 mil sq ft.
Toledo Machining OhioSteering columns, torque converters 1.2 mil sq ft, 1,435 emps, built 1967, expanded 1969
Toluca AssemblyMexicoPT Cruiser 4 mil sq ft, 2,269 emps. Started 1968. Moving to JC49 in 2008 or 2009.
Toluca Stamping MexicoBody panels for PT Cruiser 208 emps, started 1994.
Trenton Engine Michigan3.3, 3.8, and 4.0 liter V6 engines 2.1 mil sq ft, 1,630 emps. Started 1952, expanded 1969
Twinsburg Stamping OhioStampings, assemblies, and sub-assemblies for minivans, Pacifica, SUVs, trucks. 2.4 mil sq ft, 1,850 emps. Started 1957. ISO 9002, 14001.
Warren Truck Assembly Michigan2006: Dodge Ram 1500 Standard Cab and Quad Cab;
Dodge Dakota and Mitsubishi Raider. 2007: Ram 1500, Dakota
2 mil sq ft, 3,712 emps. Started 1938, always made trucks.
Warren Stamping MichiganMinivan, truck, Grand Cherokee stampings and assemblies 2 mil sq ft, 1,924 emps; started 1949, five expansions. MQAS/EEMS.
Windsor Assembly OntarioTown & Country, Grand Caravan, and Pacifica (mix varies) Flex plant, 4 million sq. ft., 5,522 emps. Built 1928! Minivans started 1983.
GEMMichigan"New World" 1.8, 2.0, 2.4 Joint venture

Thanks to John M. Fleck for contributing the Indiana transmission plants and pointing out the differences between them and Kokomo; and to 03dakrt and D. Marino.

Chrysler was also involved in joint ventures around the world.

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